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New packaging for the Boddingtons brand

AB InBev has updated the packaging of the Boddingtons brand to be more environmentally friendly

AB InBev has updated the packaging of the Boddingtons brand. Now English ale, available in cardboard trays and multipacks. The new packaging for Boddingtons is 100% recyclable and can be reused.

As part of the global strategy of sustainable development, the company plans to move to 2025 products in reusable packaging or packaging from mostly recycled materials. To fulfill this commitment, AB InBev has already closed its plastic film production line in Magor, UK. Boddingtons' transition from plastic film packaging to cardboard packaging is one of the manufacturer's many initiatives that demonstrate its care for nature.

    "Despite all the challenges, the world is moving smoothly towards the transition to a closed economy model. This involves the formation of a new system of values ​​based on the production and use of goods and services with minimal impact on the environment. For our company, caring for the world around us and the resources of the planet is an important aspect of working and creating a sustainable future. Our Boddingtons brand is updating packaging that has become more environmentally friendly. ”
    - comments Kateryna Sakharnova, marketing manager of premium brands AB InBev Efes Ukraine.

Boddingtons Brewery was founded in 1778 in Manchester. Last autumn, AB InBev Efes Ukraine introduced the classic Boddingtons Pub Ale. Its feature is a special nitrogen capsule. It is activated when the jars are opened and gives the beer a thick cream cap. Boddingtons Pub Ale has a balanced and mild taste with predominant hints of malt and creamy taste, as well as floral-hop aroma.

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