Decreases in production and vehicle registrations in Poland in the 1Q 2020

In the first quarter of 2020, 107.6 thousand new passenger cars, 13.4 thousand vans, 4.7 thousand trucks, 4 thousand trailers and semi-trailers, nearly 400 buses and 3.1 thousand motorcycles and 2.3 thousand mopeds were registered in Poland. The number of registrations of electric cars is growing dynamically. Poles have registered more than twice as many of them as in the same period last year. In the whole of 2019, the export of automotive products from Poland increased by 4% y/y, while the value of passenger car exports was decreased by 1.2%. In the first quarter of 2020 the automotive factories located in Poland achieved a worse result. At that time 148.9 thousand motor vehicles left the assembly lines, which means a decrease by 13.2% in relation to the same period last year.

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